Dental Implants in Fountain, CO

You Don’t Have to Settle For a Gapped Smile

Covering MouthEmbarrassed about missing or damaged teeth? You’re not alone. More than 100 million adults suffer from the exact same issue.

Fill in the missing parts of your smile with a dental implant. Implants are small metal posts that stand in for the root of your tooth. They are inserted into your jaw bone, allowing the bone to grow around it. A dentist can adhere a crown, bridge, or denture onto the implant.

After the implant is secure inside your mouth, and the upkeep is the same as natural teeth. With proper care like brushing, flossing, and biannual cleanings, your implant will last a lifetime.

Pros of Implants

Dental ImplantsIf you are missing a tooth or want an alternative to dentures, implants are a viable fix. They are a natural solution that feels like real teeth. Some other benefits are:

  • Supports a single or full bridge.
  • Helps prevent bone loss and gum recession.
  • Eliminates the need for a partial, removable denture (not to mention the messy denture glues and pastes).
  • Makes it easier to chew, eat, talk, and smile.
  • Reduces wrinkles on your face, giving you a younger appearance.
  • Secures dentures for a more comfortable fit.
  • Provides a reliable, long-term dental solution that can last a lifetime!

Different Fountain Implant Options

When your dental professional suggests implants, they will discuss all of your options with you. Click the links below to learn more about each option:

Dental implants are a common solution for people who have periodontal disease, or gum disease. Our dentist office in Fountain CO features periodontists and oral surgeons, the types of professionals who specialize in this treatment. Learn more about gum disease here.

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